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Ant-aging, senior health problems, medical research
research men's health - learn more

Male andropause and diminishing testosterone levels can cause a decrease in energy, muscle loss, feeling less enthusiasm and leaving you feeling down and out of sorts.

research women's health - learn more

Menopause, calcium deficiencies, hot flashes, bone density loss and hormonal fluctuations can prove challenging. Discover more about managing menopause symptoms.

sexual health concerns

A decreased libido and lack of enthusiasm for sex can be caused by natural hormone decreases common with aging. If you are feeling out of sorts, find out more.

bone health problems

Osteoperosis, bone density loss, fractures, arthritis, muscle loss and bone shrinkage are commonly faced as we grow older. Discover ways to manage and increase and joint and bone strength for greater health.

cardiovascular health problems

High blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, blood vessel elasticity and atherosclerosis are just some of the risks related to poor cardiovascular health. Learn how to improve your cardiovascular health today.

irritable bowel syndrome - digestive health

Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diabetes can complicate your life and be an indication of other more serious digestive problems. Learn how to achieve better digestive health.

AgingFit.com Proudly Leading The Online Health Information Revolution

Whether you are just researching a health problem or looking to improve your quality of life, we can help with information and resources to manage and minimize the impact of common challenges faced as we age. We can help with the following:

  • Hearing Loss - Reviews of hearing aids, oclear devices, and supplements that can help reduce hearing loss with age.
  • Mental Health - Research regarding memory loss, living with dementia, and the most up to date medical recommendations to help reduce the risk of alzheimers.
  • Cardiovascular Problems - Recovery information for sufferers of a heart attack, how to minimize the risk of a stroke, blood vessel elasticity problems, and alternatives to managing high blood pressure with medication
  • Digestive Health - Natural remedies for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, living with diabetes, relief for incontinence and maintaining healthy bladder control
  • Anti-Aging Techniques - Recommended wrinkle creams, treatments, and up to date research on diets and supplements that reduce the effects of aging.
  • Proper Dental Care - Proper denture care guides, how to avoid calcium loss and improve the health of your teeth
  • Chronic Pain Management - Recommended methods to manage chronic pain whether you suffer from arthritis pain, thrombosis, a medical condition, back pain we review the research for effective chronic pain management
  • Vision Problems - How to maintain healthy vision, methods to improve your eyesight, recommended vision treatments, and effective vitamins and minerals for maintaining healthy vision
  • Healthy Prostate - Managing prostate urinary flow issues, cures for incontinence, and a review of recommended techniques to minimize the risk of prostate cancer
  • Bone Deterioration - Osteoporosis, bone shrinkage and calcium loss research on how to minimize the effects of bone density loss for a healthy skeletal system
  • Maintaining a Healthy Hormonal Balance - Managing the side effects of female estrogen menopause and male testosterone andropause and methods to maintain healthy hormone levels
  • Mobility Solutions - Mobility scooter recommendations, reviews of medical walkers, walking aids and sticks.

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