Restless Leg Syndrome Causing You Pain & Lost Sleep? Learn What IS Known About RLS

Available in Bones Joints & Muscle Health, Mental Health  

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition in which your legs feel extremely uncomfortable, typically in the evenings while you’re sitting or lying down.  It makes you feel like getting up and moving around.  When you do so, the unpleasant feeling of restless legs syndrome temporarily goes away. Restless legs syndrome can begin at any […]

Must Know Lyme Disease Information – You Might Be Surprised To Find Out…

Available in Bones Joints & Muscle Health, Cardiovascular Health  

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migans.  Though not associated with aging characteristically, the side effects of contracting can aggravate a number of problems we typically face […]

How To Prevent Falls And Reduce Accidents As We Age

Available in Anti-Aging, Bones Joints & Muscle Health  

The conditions that affect many seniors can also increase your risks of falling. Some physical changes and many conditions are a part of aging, it’s not always possible to remove these blocks from your risk tower. Taking steps to improve balance and strengthen the skeletal system can reduce the risks dramatically.   Learning how these […]

What To Know About Hip Bursitis and What To Do About It

Available in Bones Joints & Muscle Health  

Hip bursitis is very unpleasant and can cause irritation, pain, mobility problems and worse. Bursitis is caused by inflammation of a bursa, a small jelly-like sac that usually contains a small amount of fluid.  Bursae are located throughout the body, most importantly around the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and heel.  They act as cushions between […]

8 Effective Bone Density Remedies To End Osteoporosis Problems

Available in Bones Joints & Muscle Health  

Medically, Osteoporosis is a disease of bone in which the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced which means one has a low bone mass and deteriorating bone tissue. In simple words the bone becomes thin, brittle and may be easily broken. The consequences of osteoporosis may impair a person for life.  A hip fracture may […]

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