What To Eat To Ensure Fresh Healthy Gums

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In maintaining tooth health, the best offense is a good defense.  Regular visits to the dentist are important, as is a good toothpaste.  Hydrogen peroxide, which is included in many toothpastes is valuable for it’s ability to reach bacteria hiding among gingival folds and gaps. Is frothing action exposes anaerobic bacteria that thrive in an […]

Dental Health – How To Ensure Strong Healthy Teeth As We Age

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For many of us, the increasing silver in our hair is matched by gold (or other metals) in our teeth.  The following information will help you keep them healthy… More of us are keeping  more of our teeth into later life, making good dental health an important part of aging well. Having healthy teeth and gums […]

Proper Denture Care – How To Prolong Oral Denture Health

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With the Academy of Periodontology estimating that close to 25 percent of people older than 65 suffering from total tooth loss, correct denture care is becoming a concern for more and more people. This estimate does not even include the number of people who have lost some of their teeth and are wearing partial dentures. […]

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