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Common Skin Conditions In The Elderly – How To Prevent Skin Problems Now

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You are sure to experience some of the Common Skin Conditions in the Elderly because your skin ages with you, and your skin goes through various changes when you get older.

Your skin, however, does not need to display horrible looking wrinkles and other noticeable skin problems. It all depends upon the way you live your life. This includes the types of foods you eat and the kinds of beverages you drink.

Vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements, combined with an exercise regime, can all help you to achieve more supple skin.

Common Causes of Skin Damage

Sun rays and skin damage

Although too much time in the sun can cause the skin to have wrinkles, scientific research also indicates that the sun, due to its ability to infuse your body with beneficial vitamin D, has the potential to prevent and even treat many ailments.

The best thing to do it to go for walks in the mornings or in the early evenings when the sun’s rays are not so harsh, as this ensures that your body is going to receive vitamin D from the sun without risking the dangerous effects of sunburn.

Sunscreen and skin cancer

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen that contains a minimum of SPF 30 protection, however, any sunscreen higher than SPF 15 blocks all of the beneficial vitamin D from your body along with the harmful dangers that can occur.

For some persons, SPF 15 blocks the sun enough to prevent sunscreen, but others need a stronger SPF sunscreen. Some sunscreens also contain chemicals that can cause skin irritations, so it is helpful to try a few different brands.

In addition, some sunscreens have offensive scents, whereas other sunscreens do not contain any fragrances. You can also find natural brands of sunscreen in your local health food store.

Wear skin cream to prevent aging of the facial skin

You are eventually going to have some wrinkles, which is one of the natural and Common Skin Conditions in the Elderly. Wearing skin cream can also help to keep your skin supple and prevent some wrinkling of the skin.

Skin cream does not necessarily have to cost a great amount of money. You can wear an inexpensive skin cream for years and still have youthful looking skin when you reach the age of 95.

When you buy skin cream, you need to consider the dryness or oiliness of your skin. You also need to buy skin cream that has either a pleasant fragrance or no fragrance. Read the ingredients on the label before you make any purchases. Once you find a great skin cream that you can afford to buy on a regular basis, stick with the same product.

Discomfort of dry skin and the beneficial effects of body lotion

A good skin lotion also benefits other parts of your body from overly dry skin that constantly itches. Sometimes a brand name of lotion that costs a little more money than another brand lasts longer because it contains less water, so price should not necessarily determine the brand of body lotion you purchase.

You want to use a brand of skin lotion that does not feel greasy. A good lotion absorbs right into your skin and does not cause your skin to feel oily, except for perhaps a minute.

You also want to watch out for a lotion that has excessive fragrance as an ingredient because this means the lotion contains too much perfume. Excessive fragrance in a skin lotion can irritate your skin, offend your sense of smell and bother other persons. Because of this fact, skin lotion manufacturers are now making more lotions that include formulas without any fragrances.

Water and wrinkle prevention

If you drink six to eight glasses of water per day, you might notice that your skin contains less dryness and less wrinkles. Water purifies your body and also helps to eliminate some of the dryness your skin experiences.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables also helps you to have nice skin, whereas too many fried foods can cause skin problems. Extra virgin olive oil, when drizzled on your salad or over your stir-fried vegetables, also provides benefits to your skin.

You need to begin drinking water and eating beneficial foods in order to create a lifelong pattern of positive nutrition that benefits your health and your skin.

Worry and laughter create worry lines and laughter lines

This does not mean you should never worry or laugh, but laughter actually causes health benefits, while worrying can cause health problems, even serious illnesses.

You need to worry less and laugh more. You may still have lines due to a lifelong habit of enjoying your life and laughing, but at least you are going to have some happiness and probably thwart some medical problems down the road. Laugh lines do not cause any health problems, so you might as well not worry if you start to notice more of them as time goes on.

How to Prevent Skin Problems Due To Aging

Common Skin Conditions in the Elderly means that if you take care of your health for many years, you are less likely to experience severe symptoms. Instead, you might only have a few wrinkles or minor episodes that involve dry, itchy skin.

Here are a few tips to prevent uncomfortable skin conditions:

Eat an abundance of healthy foods that give your body and skin vitality and elasticity.

Take vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements to make sure your skin receives adequate nutrition.

Get plenty of exercise. Walking does not cost any money and benefits your body and skin.

Infuse your body with vitamin D from the sun without exposing your body to harmful rays that cause sunburn. Sunburn destroys vitamin D received from the sun.

Use sunscreen when needed or wear wide-brimmed hats and clothes to protect your skin from the mid-day sun.

Find a good skin cream and apply the cream to your face before going to sleep.

Wear a quality body lotion.

Drink plenty of water.

Add extra virgin olive oil to foods.

Enjoy your life and do not worry about laughter causing laugh lines.

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